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Q: My window AC unit doesn't seem to be running as cool as it used to when I first bought it...could it be low on freon?

A: This is one of the oldest tricks in the book; a technician telling you that your unit is "low on freon and needs to be topped off". Basically if your unit needs freon, it's because it has a small leak that needs to be located and repaired. A sealed refrigeration system should cool indefinitely. What you may be experiencing is that your unit may have dirty coils that need to be cleaned. We use a mild acid cleaner that removes all build up and dirt on your coils. You wouldn't just use air to clean dirt from your car would you? Then You must use a cleaner to clean your refrigeration system.

Q: Does my ice machine need annual cleaning?

A: In short, YES. Because ice is food, you consume it. It goes into your beverage to cool it.  Dark and wet locations tend to harbor bacteria and mold. Ice machines present an ideal environment for these unwanted contaminants. Remember when dealing with food, a CLEAN environment is a SAFE environment.

Q: Does my AC or refrigeration unit need service annually?

A: Yes. It is very much like a vehicle, you maintain your vehicle  so ...Would you wait for it to break down before you decided to change the oil?  No. Or over heat and blow your motor because youre radiator is packed full of mud? NO.  I recommend using a mild acidic cleaner to deep clean the coils This keeps it running cool by removing dirt, grime and other debris from the cooling fins. In effect it will save you on your electric bill because the unit is not requiring as much runtime to cool, and will drastically increase the life span of your compressor.  Refrigeration is simply the transference of heat from one space to another. If it cannot do that in an efficient manner it will cause elevated electrical cost, bottom line.

Q: Are these new "efficient" LED lights really going to save me money?

A: LEDs use less power (watts) per unit of light generated (lumens).  LEDs have been proven to last longer than any other light on the market today generating less heat and more lumens. LED lights have less power consumption than the CFL (compact fluorescent) lighting everybody is used to seeing, but how much? Well, lets just say if you have 30-four foot T12 CFL strip lights running at 50 watts each.These will cost about $800.00-$1000.0 annually to operate. LEDs that produce the same lumens run on 15 Watts and will cost about $64.00-$75.00 a year. You can see where your cost can skyrocket from there depending on how many lights you are operating.

Most importantly, is the average of 20% sales increase our clients are experiencing.  Don't just take my word for it, give them a call and ask them what type of sales and electrical savings they are experiencing.  References gladly given upon request.  Guaranteed Results! 

Q: What is a "heat pump" and how does it work?
A: A heat pump is simply an air conditioner that runs in a reverse cycle. Meaning it's an air conditioner that removes heat from one area and disperse it to another location. Contrary to popular belief, air conditioners DO NOT create cold air. They constantly absorb heat from the collected air where the unit is located and then take that heat and dispose of it properly. A heat pump will utilize that "waste" heat collected from the outside air and pump it to the desired location in your home. Heat pumps DO NOT create heat, they simply move it from one spot to another.

Q:I have a unit that I have to continually replace the compressor! What could be wrong with my unit?
A:Thats an easy one Remember "Compressors do not die... They are MURDERED".  If your unit keeps needing to be serviced, there is a problem, call a professional immediately.  Preferably not the guy who keeps replacing motor after motor.  Think about it in this sense, many of you have a refrigerator at home that is quite old (some very old and how often have you replaced that compressor?  NEVER, right? Well, when a compressor fails its caused by something...Voltage imbalance, Dirty Coils, Faulty Txv Valve, Moisture in the system etc.  All of these are solvable problems yet many of these issues go overlooked and the compressor fails due to this oversight.  Poor compressors always taking the blame even when its someone else's fault! The untrained eye can easily overlook an obvious problem.

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